Signs of the World (I)

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I’ve been travelling recently and saw some noteworthy signs:

1. On the Ferry

»Strictly No brief cases beyond this point.«

2. At the rental agency

      »No smoking, no dogs, no firearms – no problem«

3. In Town

     »No parking. The kids are out moonwalking.«       Loriot apparently designed traffic signs, too

Bibtex going openout_any = p

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Working with multibib, Bibtex started failing me after a recent reinstallation of texlive on xubuntu. On
bibtex <project-path>/src.aux
I got:

bibtex: Not writing to &lt;project-path&gt;/src.blg (openout_any = p). I couldn't open file name `&lt;project-path&gt;/src.blg'