Removing Juice from Keyboard

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Recently I bought a faulty pack of grapefruit juice. The plastic nozzle was not glued to the carton properly, so instead of filling my glass, I filled my trusty old Logitech UltraX Premium keyboard. I wiped it clean immediately, but the next day the...   READ MORE

Network Sync

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I recently got my hands on a shiny eee-PC for surprisingly little money. As I am travelling a fair bit at the moment, the opportunity was more than welcome. Now, mobility comes at a price and the price is called »multiple instances of files«. When...   READ MORE

Fuji Finepix

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When I am out and about I usually don’t take the DSLR but use an old Fuji Finepix. She accompanied me to the summit of quite a few mountains, to the beaches of several seas and preserved the memory of the odd pique-nique, too. The wear is starting...   READ MORE

Custom Shortcuts in Kile

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If you use Kile as LaTeX editor and if you find yourself typing the same code all over again – like a specific table environment, or a slide environment in beamer or whatever, why not create your own user tag and assign a custom shortcut?...   READ MORE

Signs of the World (I)

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»Strictly No brief cases beyond this point.«

I’ve been travelling recently and saw some noteworthy signs:

1. On the Ferry

»Strictly No brief cases beyond this point.«

2. At the rental agency

      »No smoking, no dogs, no firearms – no problem«

3. In Town

     »No parking. The kids are out moonwalking.«       Loriot apparently designed traffic signs, too

Bibtex going openout_any = p

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Working with multibib, Bibtex started failing me after a recent reinstallation of texlive on xubuntu. On
bibtex <project-path>/src.aux
I got:

bibtex: Not writing to &lt;project-path&gt;/src.blg (openout_any = p). I couldn't open file name `&lt;project-path&gt;/src.blg'

To get rid of the error, open texmf.cnf, which resides in /usr/share/texlive/texmf/web2c through
sudo...   READ MORE

Watch »Starbuck«

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I recommend watching »Starbuck« in case you’re looking for a happy maker with slight philosophical undertones on the concepts of parenthood and family, on solidarity and the meaning of »a life full of achievements« (J. Lebowski).

Cloud a la ownCloud

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After an earlier failed attempt at owncloud 4 I’m prety happy with OC 5 now and succesfully sync contacts, calendars and some files in between a crunchbang netbook, a xubuntu notebook and my Android phone:

Sync Contacts

Sync Calendar

Desktop Client

  • Setting it up:
    Somehow it only worked as root, chown did the trick (see here):
    sudo chown -Rc USER:USER /home/USER/.local/share/data  
  • Syncing
    Syncing works pretty well – but unfortunately not well enough. I do like that one can connect random folders to sync (for example a local folder »Documents« may be called »docs« on OC). What I like not so much is that you can only run two-way-sync. There is no option »sync only from server to machine« or »sync only from machine to server«. It would be very helpful as I use Unison to sync very large parts of my hard drives among several machines – much more then I want or need in OC. Yesterday I lost some data and I think it was due to owncloud got confused with two machines syncing to it in addition to syncing directly in between each other.
  • Android
    The oc-app allows syncing to the phone on a file-by-file basis, which is neat. It also adds an owncloud-option to the share-menu. What I find really convenient though is that owncloud allows es-file-explorer to connect.

Sharing Files

Further tutorials and resources I used

[article started in August 2012;...   READ MORE

New Xampp Security Concept

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After quite some time I installed xampp again. Everything worked smoothly, only when trying to access phpmyadmin, I was greeted with

New XAMPP security concept:
Access to the requested object is only available from the local network.
This...   READ MORE

xubuntu 12.04

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Way too many issues with a first attempt drove me to the decission to reinstall. I had a look around and made eye contact with fedora, arch and debian but in the end thought I’d give a clean xubuntu installation a second chance – and I did...   READ MORE

John Cleese on Creativity

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Watch for yourselves:

Some quotes:

Now, in the closed mode an uncultured [petri] dish is an irrelevance. In the open mode, it’s a clue.

To get into open mode, you need: space, time, time, confidence, humor.

If, while you’re pondering, somebody...   READ MORE

Scholarship Search Engine

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Says Mira Maier, founder of

One in five foundations does not receive suitable applications, thus they don’t know where to put their money.

Another fun fact: 92 % of all applications go to only 0.8 % of all foundations.

Maier’s...   READ MORE