Project 12: Fabian Bazant

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Last week I shot my second 2013-protrait for »Project 12«. Aspiring Austrian author Fabian Bazant-Hegemark agreed to be Mr February and so we had some fun with an old grand piano and a typewriter at the Mo.ë.

One of my flashes apparently had suicidal tendencies and jumped headfirst from its coldshoe into the concrete. I really have to tighten those screws better. The trusty old LP160 still works as before – which is surprising but very good. Yet, it now has the additional feature of rattling when I shake it, which is maybe not so good and might also lead to a future surprise…

Anyway, the next opportunity to hear Fabian Bazant read is on 12 March 2013 in Vienna at Café Carina (U6 Josefstädter Straße).

The Tricycle

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A week or so ago Christian Bazant-Hegemark said he had an idea for a picture involving himself, a children’s trike and one of his paintings. Was I interested in helping him shoot it? Of course I was – he is very easy in front of my camera and I knew it was going to be fun.

He wanted to combine a photo of himself with a painting he is currently working on. The painting shows a boy on a children’s tricycle and my job was to place Christian so that his position would resemble the trike-boy’s as much as possible and at the same time keep the background relatively easy to edit out.

In the words of Douglas Reynholm: I am no Truman Capote when it comes to Photoshop and I am excited about what Christian is going to do with it, but what I pictured while shooting was something like this:

It goes without saying that Christian riding an imaginary tricycle whilst resting his feet on a broom and sitting on a bar stool that was itself placed on a table was also calling for a more serious portrait.