Signs of the World (I)

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»Strictly No brief cases beyond this point.«

I’ve been travelling recently and saw some noteworthy signs:

1. On the Ferry

»Strictly No brief cases beyond this point.«

2. At the rental agency

      »No smoking, no dogs, no firearms – no problem«

3. In Town

     »No parking. The kids are out moonwalking.«       Loriot apparently designed traffic signs, too

Watch »Starbuck«

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I recommend watching »Starbuck« in case you’re looking for a happy maker with slight philosophical undertones on the concepts of parenthood and family, on solidarity and the meaning of »a life full of achievements« (J. Lebowski).

John Cleese on Creativity

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Watch for yourselves:

Some quotes:

Now, in the closed mode an uncultured [petri] dish is an irrelevance. In the open mode, it’s a clue.

To get into open mode, you need: space, time, time, confidence, humor.

If, while you’re pondering, somebody...   READ MORE

»I Have a Nightmare«

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Statistician Nic Marks gave a really interesting talk on happiness at TED. Starting from the observation that at the moment we focus too much on the problems and apocalyptic scenarios, we are constantly turning Martin Luther King’s famous quote...   READ MORE

Winds of Recession

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My new job includes attending the odd job interview now and again. Today we had an applicant scheduled for 11 a.m. It turned eleven and it turned five past and ten past until at quarter past eleven the front desk finally rang to tell us the applicant...   READ MORE

World Wide Food Chain

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This last weekend I understood a lot about the internet food chain: There are the smart guys and there are the monkeys. The smart guys find out how to crack a system. They publish their stuff and move on. The smart guys are too busy to play around.


Groucho Marx Job Application

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After graduation naturally comes application. Now it seems that application naturally comes with frustration.

Each and every company knows exactly what they want to a degree that just saw me printing 14 pages of a single job description – the job...   READ MORE

A Mighty Hunter

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In the course of writing my thesis I came across Nimrod, grandson of Ham, great grandson of Noah (Gen 10, 1-12). Now Nimrod is not only »a mighty hunter before the Lord: wherefore it is said, Even as...   READ MORE