How to Stream Music from Linux PC to iPhone over Wifi

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There are endless possiblities to stream music from your computer to your phone over wifi, but few dedicated howtos that walk you through the process step by step.

Option 1: UPnP

Universal Plug and Play (UpnP) is developed by the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and has interoperateability in mind. See Make Use Of for a list of possibilities.

Option 2: DAAP

Easy, cheap, but flawed.

  • Server: Install Rhythmbox → open plugins → enable “DAAP Music Sharing” (obviously install if it is not there) → right click → properties → enter name and tick “Share my music”. Done.
  • Client: Install “Simple DAAP” from app store. Open, find your server, done. I keep getting error -1004 and even though the phone can see the server it does not connect. Since DAAP is a proprietary protocol invented by…Apple, you would expect that there are options. But as there’s no native app that can do it and Simple DAAP is the only lonely player in the field, there aren’t. Except of course you find a broken android phone, install Music Pump (costs) or DAAP media player (free) and in under the minute you’re dancing around the house streaming.

Hat tip: Lifewire


Interestingly it was easier to setup video streaming than audio (use vlcstreamer, see upubuntu).

  1. LilBob

    I’ve never heard about this software. But if to talk about applications for streaming different kinds of media from you iphone to different devices, I read lots of positie reviews about Ark MC.

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