»I Have a Nightmare«

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Statistician Nic Marks gave a really interesting talk on happiness at TED. Starting from the observation that at the moment we focus too much on the problems and apocalyptic scenarios, we are constantly turning Martin Luther King’s famous quote...   READ MORE

Strikethrough in LaTeX

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Today I found a second way to achieve a strikethrough in LaTeX (what is done by »line-through« in css: strike out text). If you want to put a line across text, your choices are »ulem« and »cancel«:

Strikethough in LaTeX using »ulem«

\usepackage{ulem} in the preamble...   READ MORE

Deny Internet in Ubuntu

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I have phases in my work cycle, where I want to limit internet access to myself. Thus, I created a »work-user« and in the user’s properties I unticked the boxes 

  • Connect to internet using a modem
  • Connect to wireless and ethernet networks
  • Use modems

I thought that should do the trick, yet it didn’t restrict internet...   READ MORE


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I was somewhat flabberghasted when I found out my mobile phone (Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot) was unable to play .mp4, .flv, .avi and what else I tried. It refuses to play all video formats save .3gp.

I was unable to convert to this with avidemux. Google...   READ MORE

Fonts in LaTeX

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In short: To avoid the standard pixel bitmap fonts and go for smooth, scalable post script ones, use one of the following:


or, for standard post script fonts

\usepackage{pslatex}...   READ MORE

Winds of Recession

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My new job includes attending the odd job interview now and again. Today we had an applicant scheduled for 11 a.m. It turned eleven and it turned five past and ten past until at quarter past eleven the front desk finally rang to tell us the applicant...   READ MORE

Position:Absolute in LaTeX

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In css there is the handy absolute positioning. Today I found out how to do it in LaTeX:

In the preamble


In the document

\begin{textblock}{2}[0,0](8,1.5)     Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet \end{textblock}

The arguments are as follows:


World Wide Food Chain

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This last weekend I understood a lot about the internet food chain: There are the smart guys and there are the monkeys. The smart guys find out how to crack a system. They publish their stuff and move on. The smart guys are too busy to play around.


Section Footnote in LaTeX

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I left biting marks in the table on this one. I don’t know if it’s a general issue or just my document. Anyway:

I wanted to have footnotes from inside sections, subsections, and subsubsections. They work similar to footnotes in tables, you...   READ MORE

Groucho Marx Job Application

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After graduation naturally comes application. Now it seems that application naturally comes with frustration.

Each and every company knows exactly what they want to a degree that just saw me printing 14 pages of a single job description – the job...   READ MORE

Continuous Footnote Numbering in LaTeX

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By default LaTeX starts the footnote counter at zero for each chapter when you use the class {book} or {scrbook}. If you want to avoid that and have a continuous enumeration, here is how it works:

Create a folder <remreset> in your local package...   READ MORE

ΛαΤεΧ in Greek

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There are various possibilities to include Greek text in your LaTeX document. The three ones I found are these:

  1. $\Gamma\rho\varepsilon\varepsilon\kappa$ gets you Γρεεκ allright, but it looks clumsy and lacks all the accents etc.
  2. betababel. It does not work with my customised control sequences, and I am too lazy to change them and learn them all anew.
  3. polutonikogreek. Neat, slim, worked straight away.

Nos. 2 & 3 use ngerman, so make sure they don’t start a fight with german.


I had a slight problem with polutonikogreek and titletoc. Whenever I used something like


which referred to this entry in the preamble:

\newcommand*{\greek}[1]%    {\selectlanguage{polutonikogreek}{#1}%    \selectlanguage{german}}

the .toc-file looked like this at the corresponding place:

[…] \contentsline {section}{\numberline {1.1}KAPITEL-1.1}{14} \contentsline {subsection}{\numberline {1.1.1}UNTERKAPITEL-1.1.1}{14} \select@language {polutonikogreek} \select@language {german} \select@language {polutonikogreek} \select@language {german} \contentsline {subsection}{\numberline {1.1.2}UNTERKAPITEL-1.1.2}{20} […]

Wherever \select@language appeared in the toc, the styling of my toc entries of the subsection level was being messed up. I style subsection entries in the toc in a way that they all get written in a single line. It looks like this:


There are two solutions.

Ignore the problem, compile your document, open the .toc-file, delete all \select@language entries and compile again (but only once). Use the following specifications in your preamble:


Custom Counter in LaTeX

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How it does work:

Here is what we do: We define the counter


then we add


after it, and it works. Thanks to Axel for his help on this.

How it does not work:

When you define a new counter like this


And later use it like this

\refstepcounter{MyCounter}\label{example} \roman{MyCounter}. Beispiel eins

And then reference it like this:

And now I reference an example \ref{example}. \end{document}

Then LaTeX still interprets it as...   READ MORE

A Mighty Hunter

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In the course of writing my thesis I came across Nimrod, grandson of Ham, great grandson of Noah (Gen 10, 1-12). Now Nimrod is not only »a mighty hunter before the Lord: wherefore it is said, Even as...   READ MORE