Redecorating the Place

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I thought I’d adapt my place to the large screens we tend to have now. Also, my eyes are getting weaker and now and again I find myself increasing one website font sizes here and there.

So after six years of tiny letters and narrow columns, I made a new skin. This is how the Brasserie looked until today:

Old Blog Skin (2007-2012)

After quiet times on this website I have felt the motivation to use it more again for a while now, especially because I never was too happy with the social networking sites big and small. I made an earlier attempt when I felt the Google already knew enough and more intolerableA FB-Stories hit the news , outweighing the major advantage: low maintenance effort with high connectivity. I finally decided to get rid of both it and some major dust at the trusty old Brasserie when I read Scott Hanselman’s »Your Words Are Wasted«:

You are pouring your words into increasingly closed and often walled gardens. You are giving control – and sometimes ownership – of your content to social media companies that will SURELY fail.

After considerable restructuring and restyling work, I hope the motivation sticks for a while!

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