Composer & Organist Martin Herchenröder

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Composer, organist and music professor Martin Herchenröder at the historical Martinikirche in Siegen.

We met early in the morning and while I was setting up the planned shot at the piano, Martin Herchenröder played the organ. I noticed the gorgeous light he was sitting in, so in addition to the planned shot showing him as a composer at the piano, I came home with one of him as an organist, too.

Setting up the light for the piano shot then took some time as it involved repeatedly running up and down a flight of stairs in between camera and light. I did not mind though as it happened to the sound of the most beautifully played Goldberg Variations in an otherwise empty church. Afterwards Martin Herchenröder also told me, he actually got some real composing work done while I was shooting – a great day at the office I say…

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