Tethered Shooting under Linux

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When you connect your camera to your computer and have the image displayed on your screen as you shoot, it is called »tethered shooting«. One reason you might want to do it is to have more people see the results instantly (common in fshion shoots). Another is, you wish to control the camera from your computer (interesting for time lapse for instance).

For Linux there are two GUI-options as far as I can see: a) Entangle and b) Darktable. Both rely on gPhoto2 and where Darktable is a complete workflow solution, Entangle focusses on tethering.

I had some issues installing Entangle but now that it works, I am really happy  and prefer it over darktable (I still grapple with some of the latter’s intricacies).

Two articles I found helpful are Tethered Shooting in Ubuntu and Tethered shooting on Ubuntu Linux using gPhoto2.

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