Removing Juice from Keyboard

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Recently I bought a faulty pack of grapefruit juice. The plastic nozzle was not glued to the carton properly, so instead of filling my glass, I filled my trusty old Logitech UltraX Premium keyboard. I wiped it clean immediately, but the next day the keys were as responsive as a panda after a month of sleep deprivation. I searched and among the many »how to remove all the keys from your keyboard«-articles, I found one that said: in the shower with it!

I closed my eyes, hoped for the best and thoroughly rinsed it. Then, like people in this 2005 Boing-Boing-piece recommend, I placed it over a radiator for three days, turned it round from time to time and today I plugged it back in.

Result? It works as good as new!

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