Boxing Day

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update 2014-12: Below it says  »Tschuschentransporte, you were fantastic«, which they were. However, my wife scheduled a smaller delivery with them for last week, and it was an entirely weird experience with no happy end. Towards pick-up time they stopped picking up the phone, hung up in mid-conversation and in the end did not show up. I understand things sometimes can go wrong and have seen enough removals myself to know what they are dealing with on a daily basis, but poor communication is just unnecessary – so I’m sorry to say that I cannot recommend them any more.


Living room before and after:

Boxed in Living Room (Before)   Boxed in Living Room (After)


Some of the boxes that had to be moved (and now have to be unboxed):

Boxes and Boxes

Removal company’s van with apt motto (what it doesn’t say is tomorrow my back aches). Tschuschentransporte, you were fantastic:

»Today my Heart Swings – Tomorrow, my back aches«

Bye bye, Mommsengasse (center, in yellow):Bye bye, Mommsengasse



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