A well Strict School

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When I went to my new employer’s (Munich University) toilet for the first time, everything said »hurry up«:

Door at a Well Strict School (Detail) Toilet door at a well strict school

Instructions for use of the restroom facilities

You may only sojourn within the restroom facilities to the end of performing defecation.

Should you, without authorisation, extend your stay beyond the immediate act, we will henceforth, without exception, lodge a criminal complaint for breach of the domestic peace.

(My translation – I tried to be as bureaucratic as the German original)

[update July 2013] I’m beginning to think that a certain degree of absurdity is mandatory with public convenience facilities in Munich:

Bedürfnisanstalten-Benutzungsordnung (Munich Metro)
Munich metro’s public restroom house rules.

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