Deny Internet in Ubuntu

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I have phases in my work cycle, where I want to limit internet access to myself. Thus, I created a »work-user« and in the user’s properties I unticked the boxes 

  • Connect to internet using a modem
  • Connect to wireless and ethernet networks
  • Use modems

I thought that should do the trick, yet it didn’t restrict internet access to this user. I tried various other things to deny access to network and web and finally found something useful at (German):

create a file in /etc/init.d (filename doesn’t matter)

sudo touch /etc/init.d/

Open the file you created:

sudo gedit /etc/init.d/

and paste the following code:

#!/bin/bash iptables -A OUTPUT -m owner –uid-owner USERNAME -j DROP

Replace USERNAME with the desired user’s user name, save, close and run

ln -s /etc/init.d/ /etc/rc2.d/S99iptab-filter



The script that prevents user USERNAME to access the internet runs at start up, so user USERNAME is denied access to the tubez for good. 


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